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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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langhorne today. adam joseph is in for cecily with the timing of accuweather. >> the timing is not good tomorrow morning during the rush hour but the majority of us will see rain and not the wet snow. temperatures are dropping back yesterday with 64 degrees today we dropped to 46 degrees which is just above the normal of 46 degrees. where they will get hit hard with the blizzard is northern new england, the low develops too late for us and becomes a powerhouse storm east of new england bringing 1 to 2 feet of snow in northern new england. just in winter weather advisories for the poconos. here is the precipitation with the front early tomorrow morning before it transfers it's energy to a new low developing off the east coast of boston. starting at 5:00 p.m. through 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. they see 1 to 3 inches into your thursday, and all of this
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arrives for the rush tomorrow. 7:30 a.m. and the majority in the green. the northern berks county and northern bucks could briefly begin at wet snow before this flips over to rain even that far north. what to expect it begins around down a .25 to .50 inch of rain breach snow at allentown and reading and then it all turns to rain and ends early afternoon. we'll show you the numbers before it turns to snow and the seven day into the new year coming up in just a bit. >> thank you adam. with snow possible, check back often at the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar is just a swipe or mouse click away. and follow our meteorologists for updates on facebook and twitter as well. agencies are back home in delaware county with what is next for a mom missing since 2013. they are acting on a tip and so
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far the investigation turns up no signs of melissa rodriguez. john rawlins live inside of the home in collingdale and they hope that high tech tools could lead to a break in the case. that is the hope monica, no doubt about it. authorities want to get into the basement of this house, they finally got permission from the bank that has it in foreclosure and starts the process of search yesterday. >> the issue is can we locate her? the district attorney talking about locating melissa rodriguez the mother of two young girls reported missing in 2013. last night multiple cadaver dogs reacted positively in the basement of her home. they dug up the base many of her floor but fount nothing. they met with a search and rescue expert. there is concern that the dogs may have been miss led as to the location good could be a false
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positive. >> the decision now is to try grown radar, it yen rates an image that highlights buried objects including human remains. >> we are in contract with various contractors to test the ground without disturbing it. >> it's long troubling for the collings dale police chief. >> there are two little kids that don't have a mother, and a father that knows what happens i believe. >> police say he initially spoke with them and has since refused to cooperate. and long time resident francis shaver one of many on the street that believes she met with foul play. >> if she was alive and heard all of this news stuff she would have called somebody and come back and said i'm alive.
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>> the search for the possible remains to resume sometime next week. at this juncture they will not use dogs and bring in the ground penetrating radar. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. lower make field police are looking for the robber that used a sledge hammer to smash his way into the kohls department store on big oak road. it shows the crime in progress yesterday at 3:17 in the morning. once inside the suspect smashed the jewelry counter and the thief got away with diamonds and watches worth between $60,000 and $100,000. the ground gave way in bethlehem at a sinkhole and that caused evacuations. chad pradelli is live at the scene. what is the situation tonight. >> reporter: the repairs are almost complete in bethlehem,
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they are putting the finishing touches on the gas line and the water line was repaired earl why this afternoon. the sinkhole was since filled in with gravel but it took up almost the entire width of the roadway and fow it looks like the repairs are almost complete. >> it was 3:00 a.m. and someone delivering newspapers heard hissing and the smell of gas and saw a crack in the roadway and it was the beginning of this massive sinkhole. >> we received reading and ugi kaem out and they probed the street and one worker had fallen into a sinkhole and we decided to evacuate two city blocks here. we see the huge fire trucks out here and what the heck is happening. >> bobby rogers was among them. she and her neighbors were startled away and the sound of fire horns blaring into the early morning air. >> we saw the guys, they were great. really fantastic, coming up and knocking on the door, get out of
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the house. get out of the house. 3:00 in the morning oh my gosh. >> some residents were taken to local middle schools while repair was made. the local utility companies and police worked to minimize their inconvenience and by noon most of them were back in their home. >> they were allowed to return unless there was gas in their house. there is some gas trapped under the concrete. >> at this time three homes remain evacuated and one is without gas service and two others had minor readings of natural gas in the basement but crew tell we that residents should be back in their homes later on this evening. the utilitiy worker was taken to a local hospital and i am told he is released and doing just fine tonight. >> thank you. investigators are working to
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determine what sparked a fire here that killed a man in the apartment if the fishtown section of philadelphia. firefighters were called to the 1200 block at 3:00 a.m. inside a third floor apartment crews found a couch on fire. a man in his 50s was unconscious and pronounced dead at the hospital. two firefighters were injured battling that blaze. a flash mob involving hundreds of teenagers swarmed the philadelphia milled mall, the past two nights, the groups formed by social media. police are now making their press enknown hoping to prevent a third night of violence. sara bloomquist is live outside of the mall in the northeast with more. >> reporter: monica, police have been out here in large numbers late this afternoon and now into the evening hours, we understand that mall security is limiting the number of unaccompanied juveniles from entering the mall itselfful all to prevent young people from gathering and
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becoming violent. >> police assembled here outside of philadelphia mills mall this afternoon making their presence felt in an effort to prevent anymore melees like the one last night when as many as 400 young people arrived on septa buses. >> we'll be more visableal the mall and working with septa because the kids are using the transportation system to get to the mall itself. and we'll work with septa as well. >> chopper 6 hd was of the mall as the chaos erupted. they also showed up monnight both nights answering a call on social media to come and cause chaos. >> we were there to restore safety and offered to the mall itself. >> police say 90 kids were involved in the fight and some started to yell obscenities and some threw punches at officers.
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anthony clark captured some of what happened. >> i am glad nobody got hurt. something has to be done, these kids are crazy these days. >> the incidents here are similar to flash mobs that broke out nationwide this week. simon the owner of philadelphia mills. referred us to a statement. reading in parts we are appreciative of small security and police and security teams. and our malls are cooperating into the investigation of these unfort fate acts. >> police are encouraging parents to keep track of their childrens whereabouts over the winter break and monitor their social media and talk about the consequences the four young people arrested face serious charges including assaulting police. live in northeast philadelphia, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police are searching for the drivers involved in a crash this afternoon.
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officers responded to an get here at silver wood street an roxborough at 1:00. they have not said why the folks ran away leaving their vehicles behind. >> coming up the mummers plan to strut down broad street on new years day, how to get a sneak peek behind the scenes before the big day. and carson wentz takes the field and will accomplish something that an eagles quarterback has not done in eight years. >> and bracing for a major blizzard in northern new england. we'll get some here in the northern sections. we'll have more in the forecast.
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we have breaking news and it is good news right now, a missing great grandmother and her granddaughter are found alive days after leaving a home in mays landing new jersey. they left saturday morning and the great grandmother was driving to north carolina when they just disappeared. tonight we have told they are safe and sound. a homeowner found the pair in a wooded area in virginia outside of richmond. they are both being checked out at a local hospital. >> that is a relief. >> the count down it on just four days until the mummers strut down broad street on new years day and the rehearsals and preparations are in full swing. katherine scott is live at the convention center with people are getting a sneak peek at the
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action. >> reporter: a lot going on at the pennsylvania convention center, we are standing in the area where the fancy brigades are rehearsing. this gives folks an opportunity to enjoy and get warmed up for new year's and gives the mummers a chance to fine tune their performances. >> a glimpse of what we can expect on new years day. mummers fest is underway at the convention center. can you get a sneak peek as the routines are rehearsed. across the floor assembly is in full swing. >> we are just about out of days, no option now than to work around the clock as long as we can and get everything together and hopefully get the product we set out to do. >> following the sounds of a saw and you see the work that goes into the big day. it's crunch time. >> very intense, a lot of long
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hours, 12 to 15 hour days non-stop to get it to look the way it does. >> xox coming up with the concept and costumes. many are working to make sure their performance is just right with avenue brush stroke and flash of flirt. for cathy, the rio inspired performance this year. >> i waited to become an official member and finally i'm in and in with three generations. >> they are a backbone of our organization, they were always with us, but always behind the scenes so what better way to celebrate them rio style and have them on the floor with us. >> the parade begins on city hall and they strut down broad street toward washington avenue. there is a push by the mayor to embrace inclusivity.
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many took part incensetist training. >> we when to the classes and we will do our best to follow the rules, we do any way, there is never a problem with us. >> back here live at the convention center, the downtowners are starting to rehearse right now. they are going through their routines once more, they are elaborate and a lot to go through. mummers fest takes place here at the convention center through saturday, have you time to check it out and hear the music and see the performances and see the floats but you cannot see the costumes, they keep those under wraps until the big day. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> christmas may be over but a workshop in montgomery county is busy preparing the gift of learning for children. volunteers at team children in audubon are refurbishing pc's and installing software. they will be available at low
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cost to help bridge the digital divide for low income families.
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jeff skversky here and the last game for the eagles against the cowboys, going to be a tough one. >> then there was one. the eagles want to win this game and obviously go out with a bang and a winning streak, maybe two in a row. maybe carson wentz will do something that hasn't been done in eight years, start all 16 games. jaime apody has more. >> it went by fast, didn't go the way we all planned it to go. >> the season that began with no expectations and three games in too in exectations, comes to an end on sunday. a win would help soften the blow of the offseason coming too soon. >> this is huge, especially two
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nfc east two rivalry games and giving us confidence going forward. we know we have been in all the games and we have a good team. >> but wentz was not suppose to play this year at all. and made it through the season injury free, that in itself will be the biggest advantage going into next year. >> you can't put in words how valuable that is, coming back next year it won't be new anymore, i won't have to kind of get used to that feeling on sundays. >> he spent part of his break with a current super star. he and mike trout went hunting in new jersey and he didn't spend time picking the two time mvp's brain about how to handle life as a star athlete. >> not really, we just went hunt can and got to know him. >> in south philadelphia, jaime
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apody, channel 6 "action news." all right the flyers are singing the blues right now, they have lost three of four before the post christmas road trip. to help their cause sean cat or yea returns from injury. >> we are going up against three really big teams, it's a greatest for us. >> they play hard. and even through tired legs and tired minds, a lot of good things and now we have to keep going and even get worse as it's season goes on and we are ready for it and exciting times. >> lets hope so. things are not so rosy for two penn state players, black nell and bowan are suspended from the rose bowl game for violating unspecified rules. and drexel plays depaul. and they started 12-0 and starts
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big east conference play tonight for villanova. can't wait for that. adam joseph and the accuweather forecast coming up n. fios in the house!
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adam joseph is here your wet than white. >> most of it in the form of rain. a little snow on the onset in the lehigh valley. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan nothing happening at the present time here. temperatures today topped off in the middle 40s but falling back
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quickly with the clear sky for the most part. upper 30s for philadelphia and near the freezing point in millville, same thing for lancaster and cold enough for the entire day for them to make snow if they wanted to with temperatures only in the 20s. there is that brief wedge of dry air moving in presently, that ban of precipitation east of memphis and st. louis, that is a cold front pushing through during the day tomorrow and sparking a new low to develop cranking up a sizable storm and too late for us to take advance of and it's new england that takes the big hit. tomorrow morning wet for most of the area for the morning rush, if you have to head to work, 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. reading and allentown a brief period of wet snow at the onset and quickly changes over to rain, and on it's brink in the poconos and moderate to heavy
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rain in the delaware valley season the shore and mid to late morning to early afternoon, light showers passing through philadelphia with the heavy precipitation exiting to the north and east and tomorrow afternoon it is dry and even clouds trying to break apart before the sunsets especially to the west of philadelphia. expected snow, we are not looking at anything. pretty much 90% of the area here. to the northern in bucks county could see a quick coating to as much as an inch of higher terrain. and it quickly changes to rain slushy in the morning. up in the poconos 1 to 3 inches of rain is likely. and then two areas of lows develop and the powerhouse of a storms develops in new england and for us thursday night into friday, the wins whip up and the temperatures drop and winds gust to near 40 miles per hour for
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the time frame keeping windchills only in the 20s thursday night right through the day on friday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mid-40s again mainly rain for most of us for a brief period of snow. and wendy with a snow shower around and cold air rushing through with the wins and cold air feeling like the 20s. bright and mild to begin 2017 at 50 degrees, more rain coming in monday into early tuesday and at that time temperatures spike again 10 degrees above average as we get into tuesday and wednesday. the snow this go around confined to the ski resorts in the poikts. >> thank you. abc world news is next on channel 6 and then join us for "action news" at 11:00. for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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tonight, breaking news. the white house ready to retaliate against russia for interfering in the election. president obama firing back after those russian hacks. and tonight, the kremlin already promising to respond. bringing back jobs? president-elect trump announcing 5,000 jobs are coming back to the u.s. how it might happen. this, as he sends a mixed message about president obama. first, accusing him of setting up transition roadblocks, then, telling the cameras a different story. and the american ally caught in the middle. also breaking tonight, hollywood legend debbie reynolds rushed to the hospital with a medical emergency, just one day after daughter carrie fisher passed away. witness to murder? the hot new gadget in so many homes


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